I can’t tell you how lucky am I to study MA Managing and the Creative economy with many creative people from different countries all around the world (Actually I were afraid Haha). I’m international student and most of my classmates as well. It’s quite challenging and hopefully I will improve my skills and also English language during this course. We have a group which is called ‘MACE14’. Therefore, everything we update or upload on social media will be hashtags #MACE14. That sounds great! After talking with some of my classmates, I realised that everyone has their own dream in a way which is connected with each other. So, this is why we are here together. 🙂
To be honest, when people asked me “What’s your main course?” They have no idea what it is Hahaha.. I know this is an interesting course you’ve ever heard. 😀 This is my very first group project with MACE14, called ‘KU-ME’.


-×  To be creative is to stay with creative people  ×-


I’m going to make it through this year if it kills me.
– Joanna



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