What would you say

if your friend has breast cancer?

More info, please click this link below.


This is the video that I made for ‘Knowyourlemons’ Campaign. It’s just to make people realise about breast cancer. In order to attract them, my group just asked one question above and want people to write answer on the pain paper. Then we snapped a photo with them with lemon mask on our members’ faces. Also, we give them a small square paper which wrote shorten URL of worldwide breast cancer website created by Corrine. That was fun. After we speed our video that uploaded on social media, we get a good feedback from people from many part around the world such as Thailand, Indonesia, United State of American, Korea, China etc.


“Dramatically, one-third of these cancer deaths

could be decreased if detected and treated early.

In a worldwide context,

this means nearly 400,000 lives could be saved every year.”


– Worldwide Breast Cancer





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