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Friday October 17, 2014

I went to ‘Frieze’ Art Fair at Regent’s Park, London. I’ve never thought it’s quite big like that. Frieze London is an international contemporary art fair and focusing on living artists. The fair presented artwork more than 160 galleries in the creative industries. There has 5 zones of galleries. I saw most of works at the fair and that was such an amazing. Some works are simple but it has their own meaning inside. Sometimes, I was wondering how artists could create one’s work. Where could they get inspiration from?  From Frieze London, I got new experiences of visiting art fair that helped me change my point of view in terms of art in the creative industries. I saw many people interested in arts more than I thought it should be. Most of artists were not in their booths, but they went to each other booths and had a conversation together. The main purpose of artists at the art fair is to try to generate sales of their work in order to pay the rent and commissions for salesperson. Additionally, the fair has associated with multidisciplinary: design, film and video, music and publishing. That’s a good way to learn from people with different disciplines to generate new ideas. What I’ve learned from this fair is network of contact is more crucial than experience people have in this industries.


NADEGE MERIAU (Guest Lecture) remarked that..

     + Live with a group of artists
     + Have conversation with others
     + Criticise other’s work
     + Keep updating what you are doing




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