Knowyourlemons Campaign Statistic

FROM 6 October 2014 TO 24 October 2014


The statistic above presents the number of people who clicked to our short link (googlel URL shortener) after launching our knowyourlemons campaign. It shows the highest browser is from mobile reached 136 clicks. I think we got a lot of clicks from mobile phone because our group member sent message directly to our friends via mobile application such as Line, Kakao Talk and Whatsapp. Consequently, it was easier to track the link via social media than typing full URL on Safari or Chrome by themselves. That’s the power of social media today!

Additionally, the strategy that we uploaded and shared our video campaign on social media, for instance, Facebook and Twitter can help us generate the figure of people who clicked the short link effectively. In my point of view, the reason is that it’s more interesting to see video than general information. To sum up, the total number is 335 people from many parts of the world.



Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset

.Throw back on first MACE friday night.



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