In the middle week of October, My group in Corrine’s subject is full of people from Asian countries: Korea, China, India, Turkey and Thailand(me!). We called as ‘Asain Group’. Each team has to create new creative product which is never existed. After brainstorm within a group, we realise the concept of space saving. Then, the habit of using laptop came to our mind. One of our member started thinking about table that can keep the legs of table and hang on the wall. After that, we researched on the Internet about the kind of product like this. Suddenly, the product has already existed and sell widely via online. We brainstorm and developed product for several times. Finally, muti purpose pictable is the result of our first idea. There are many little details of table that we put in such as USB, space for mobile phone and pen. The style of table that we like is minimal, so the design should be so simple but looks good.

In Designing a Business class, our group member and I presented this product to Corrine and students who acted like Dragons’ Den. Corrine likes our idea of space saving but she doesn’t think that table for laptop is a good idea. The feedback that she gave are useful for our future product:

× Narrow down target customer For example, student or business man

× Change material of table (if my group still want to develop) Because wood is not proper when people use electricity

× Focus on space saving (She really likes this idea)

× USB function is good

× Table should not be so heavy


After taking feedback from Corrine, we realised that our pic-table might not be the need of customer in the market. Because there have a lot of competitors which offer an advance functions for customers. It’s too difficult to enter this market. What I’ve learned from feedback is that I should not have to be too confidence of our new product too much since real customers may not think in the same way. Anyways, my business partners and I will try to generate new idea later. Let’s see what it will be!

This is the manufacturer that Corrine introduced

>≥  http://www.robofold.com/  ≤<

Happy Halloween everyone!


We just did not care what other people thought about us. :p


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