During reading week, my business group and I decided to join KU event: Bright Futures which run by Kingston Entrepreneurship. We attended on Wednesday, 5 November 2014 from 08.30 to 13.00 at Penryhn road Campus. Then, we left there around 1 pm to continue doing group work at library.


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The information about workshop will present below.

Bright Futures is a free one day skills workshop run by Kingston University’s Enterprise! Programme. It’s a great opportunity for ambitious students to develop their enterprising skills, such as, networking, communication, negotiation and pitching an idea.

The theme of the day will be to have fun and meet new people, there will be lots of activities, prizes, opportunities to network and our minimum expectation is for you to have fun!!!

Why should I apply?

Bright Futures will help you to gain confidence in facing situations that you will frequently encounter in professional environments; whether you’re attending a job interview or meeting with your dissertation supervisor, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively and pitch your ideas. In addition, the workshop will provide an ideal kick-starter for those interested in freelance careers and developing their own businesses. Bright Futures will help you;

  • Gain confidence in yourself and your ideas.
  • Showcase your skills and talents.
  • Develop your networking skills and start communicating more effectively.
  • Meet like-minded students and inspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Design your own career.

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What I got from the event is how to start new idea of small business. The speaker (I couldn’t remember his name) spoke very well and he inspired people effectively. One sentence that I noted on my notebook is ‘Entrepreneurs are made, not born.’ That’s so true! Everyone should get up and motivate themselves like me and other MACE students (I’m sure most of us want to have own business). During that event, audiences have to work with new 3-4 people as a team to push new idea of business. My group chose one photo card which is about public water problem. Every group has a flexibility to think about problems and solutions by writing 10 problems and choosing just 1 possible problem, doing the same with solution too. I left the class after lunch time because I have group meeting in next 30 minutes.

The first feedback from Corrine made us realise that ‘Mutipurpose Pictable’ might not be an attractive product for customer’s view. My business partner and I tried to generate new idea of product by adapting knowledge from Bright Futures (the event that we attended in the morning). I suggested my group to start thinking by looking at the people’s problem or your problem in daily life. My head thought of the problem of finding stuff or Oyster Card in my bag. Suddenly, one of my group said the same thing. That was surprised me a lot! Then everyone agree with this kind of problem and we improved details of product together.


Our second idea of product changed to ‘GLOVESfor Oyster Card. The problem can be seen clearly in the winter while people (especially women) are trying to find her Oyster Card before get into the bus in her big bag which has full of stuffs. Moreover, it’s harder when people are wearing gloves to warm his/her hands. Thus, we decided to cut 2 fingers of the gloves in order to make customer convenient to pick up things or touch mobile screen. Furthermore, not only Oyster Card that we can put in the additional pocket, but also student card which help students when getting into classroom.  I felt really like this idea and i’m pretty sure that other people may agree about this problem too. 🙂


↑↑ Our first design of product ↑↑


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