Someone said ‘stop dreaming and start making things happen.’

I do agree with that now. Some of my business partner usually dreams of money that we will get from the product. But how? Let’s get start and let’s do it from now!

After had a group meeting for many times, we tried to start by contact manufacturer in the UK. As a result, they e-mail me back and said sorry that they can’t produce for us since they don’t even have the machine which can cut finger (on the gloves).



Shepherd Bush is where people can many kinds of fabric located in London (near Westfield department store). There was introduced by fashion students. Nonetheless, the price of each types of fabric is definitely higher compared to my country. The reason is that some store import fabrics from abroad as well; therefore, that made the total price goes up. Just a few stores produce in the UK. My friend and I entered to many stores and asked them for Acrylic fabric, but they don’t have. Every fabric, which we interested in, we asked for the sample to collect as much as we can. Finally, we found just only 2 shops around that street. After comparing the price and a variety of colours and types of fabrics for many stores, we bought black Acrylic fabric 1 meter to make a prototype for Dragons’ Den next month. Gosh! only 2-3 weeks to go…






Now I realised that there’s nothing easy to be an entrepreneur.

Just be patient, work hard and always be creative.


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