Elevator Pitch

Touch gloves is multifunctional gloves for winter season especially in London where have to use Oyster card while traveling. The biggest difference of the Touch Glove compared to existing glove is that there is a pocket on the surface of each gloves, hence people can put any cards in the pocket. Customers can therefore use easily to touch screen devices; they do not need to take off gloves to use smart phones frequently.

Screen Shot 2557-12-15 at 3.33.38 AM



Touch gloves has innovated the typical gloves design specifically focused on improving convenience for commuters in London. The gloves are aimed at making oyster card users travel with ease, rather than spending time searching for their cards. The design and idea was tested out and researched thoroughly, we did not find relevant competitors in the market making our idea stand out further. We believe in this idea and because of our connections in china we are able to keep our cost of production low, enabling us to provide cheaper prices that are attractive for our consumers. We strongly believe we can exploit the London market as most of London uses oyster cards, which works in our favour and with the right marketing we can be highly successful.


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Dragons’ Den presentation on Friday 5th December, 2014 was better than we thought in terms of our performance, storytelling and time spending. Also, we could make prototype of product ready since we presented in front of Corrine (before Dragons’ Den around 1 week). However, we missed some importance points that we should mention although we prepared information during rehearsal (I guess because of excitement). Thus, Dragons Den asked us the question about our competitors. In addition, because of the weakness of English language, we could not understand all the question that some of them asked and told the right answer.


Summary of helpful feedback from Dragons’ Den:

⇒ Target customer should not be only  for students

⇒ Don’t believe that this product is really unique

⇒ It could be opportunity with partnership with ‘Oyster’ such as student welcome pack

⇒ Product can be easily copied = Need a trademark ®

⇒ Market vs. seasonal = What happens in summer?




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