10933706_10153543598699638_4829478943405173779_nAward of Excellence ‘Best Display’

from.. Kingston Young Enterprise Trade Fair


This is the result of hard working and patient that make me feel so proud.

Because of this, I just can’t  stop smiling. 🙂

‘Nothing will work unless you do’

I just posted on my Twitter at the night before trade fair. Honestly, I felt so exhausted during preparing stuffs for creating table display.

Even though my group took 2 days to discuss and prepare for decoration, it seems to be under pressure to finish everything on time (Wednesday night). I misunderstood that the trade fair organises on Friday afternoon (15th January 2015), but it was before that day. OMG! how could we do the best!? This ran in my mind.



Firstly, I just tried to find some inspirational ideas of winter (our product is gloves). When people think about gloves, the product is related to winter season. My group decided the colour of display that it must me ‘white’ which is plain and basic colour that also links to brand identity. I searched photos from Pinterest.com and Google it. Then, I chose possible decoration, imagined every object in my thought and arranged it together. The important thing about decoration display is that objects should be easily to find or buy in real situation within the limitation of time. For example, pine cones, brunches of tree and candle are not too hard to find within one day. After that, I drew a draft display and listed every single stuff that we needed on a paper.

 10390909_10153543599109638_2066943212154630300_n      10430892_10153543599769638_651675307571488544_n
10945595_10153543599249638_2117361700410475738_n      16217_10153543599174638_627337791138088132_n

The day after, I went to buy essential objects like candle, pine cones, white spray (to spray on pine cones and brunches of tree in order to make it like snow), candlestick, vase, white papers etc. in Kingston Town, while Yoon, my korean friends, printed logo and some posters at Kingston University Knight Park campus. After we all finished each responsibility, we went to my place to start rehearsed table display by arranging stuffs like we planned before. We worked quite hard for this event before we realised that our gloves were not ready to sell at the fair; therefore, creating attractive display can get people attention and it assists the idea of product for customers who have no idea what you did.


↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Every idea that we created had now changed to be physical. Hence, we were super ready for our first trade fair at Kingston Business School (Ground Floor) Kingston Hill campus. Also, I couldn’t wait to see other groups’ display and products.

PS. The black line is actually irons bar of window







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