Such a good feedback from our potential customers and stuffs during first trade fair even though products are not available.


10530775_10153543598624638_7881780706732030101_n ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇



Location: Kingston Business School (Ground Floor)

Kingston University (Hill Campus)

Time: 1 PM – 4 PM


As the previous post explained, my group and I set up display like we practiced on the day before trade fair. That could help a lot in term of component of display and time saving. Just one thing that we put more is mini pink loudspeaker (on the left side) in order to entertain people around there. We lighted the candles and it created a better overall atmosphere of display. People who walked pass stared at our table and they came closer to look at the outstanding black gloves which has Oyster card in the pocket. We said hi and started introducing our product to them by asking about their travel problem in London. Mostly, people was so surprised how we could develop the issue to be an idea of creating this product. ‘Oh my God! That’s cool idea. I will definitely buy it’ someone said. Then, for people who were interested in our TOUCH gloves, we offered special promotion that valid only in this very first fair from £5 to £4. There is a register paper which the future customers gave their personal detail such as Name and Email address; consequently, our company can contact them when we get the gloves (it is currently shipping from China). At the end of fair, we got around 12 people who signed on the paper and one of them is JULIUS WEINBERG who is vice chancellor of Kingston University. That is so delightful that he visited and gave a great feedback on our gloves. 🙂




In term of marketing, using small postcard with one sentence ‘WAITING FOR TOUCH GLOVES’ is our tool to promote on social network. In my experience, starting marketing campaign after launching product was quite hard to get people attention since it took a long time for customer to get to know your product. I therefore decided to take photo of customer holding this small poster in order to promote as soon as possible. After trade fair, our group will creating Facebook and Twiitter account (we created Instagram already) and update new feeds everyday so that they won’t forget our brand. In my own fashion business when I was in Thailand, most of revenue is from online platform, particularly Instagram. I personally believe the power of good photos can help generate more sell. It also improve your brand image because photos are only first impression for online customer.


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Lastly, I want to say thank you to everyone who involved in this trade fair including Corrine who gave us some good suggestion and suggestion for the next trade fair, stuff who made decision for rewards, classmates (MACE14) who are big supporter in every single way we do, students, and all visitor.


It could not be a really impressive day without you guys! 🙂

3 thoughts on “First Trade Fair

    • I like the head of human that you dropped on the table. It’s suitable for your product as well! By the way, congrats to the Best Overall group again 😉


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