What are you going to buy, if you have to choose between these products without the knowledge of that product?

1 )



2 )



For me, I’m sure I will choose the second one although the price is higher. Packaging is so creative and outstanding compared to other brands.This container is not only easy and fast to use but also it makes daily routine of spreading butter more fun and exciting.




Why do packaging matter?

Inevitably, packaging matters to brand owners, retailers and customers. It has a greater impact on shopping consumer behaviour, influences product satisfaction and motivates consumers in global MARKETS in different ways.



1) It reveals what is inside

2) It protect what is inside

3) It sets itself apart from the competition, but more importantly connects with the customer

4) The personality of the company and it’s purpose for creating the product (brand message) are clear. You can get a ‘taste’ of what is inside

5) If sold on a shelf, it needs to stack well and be easily displayed. This is so you don’t take up more shelf space than is necessary in the shop, which is attractive for B2B business. Also consider how it will looked when it is stacked together.

6) If it’s a product in a series, consistency with variety are important. Additionally, you should be consistent with your brand identity (colours, logo, and other graphic elements look the same across all communication points with the customer: website, business card, display, etc.).

7) It needs to be manufactured within the resources you have

8) it should be cost effective

9) It should include contact details (like a website) and other legally required information, such as weight, safety standards or other elements depending on the type of product you are selling

10) Use it as an advertising tool. Good packaging is just like making a good advert. It should demonstrate context. Context is when you help the consumer visualise themselves in your advertisement (they put themselves in the context of your product and their life). So encourage them to think how they would use the product in their own life. If you accomplish that, you have a great ads.

Credit: https://kingstonstartup.wordpress.com/



The last make-up lesson with Corrine make me realise how importance of packaging that affect to brand. She explained us the principles of good packaging design as l wrote above. She asked us for homework before attending class to find some packaging that related to our product (gloves!). There are a few packaging of gloves on Google and Pinterest because most of product sell in clothing store and they just made an easy packaging with holder to put on the clothes rack. Due to the fact that our business is not real in terms of money and investment; therefore, we don’t have enough money and time to invest in an attractive packaging. Creating an easy packaging with low cost production is only one solution that we have.


– GLOVES PACKAGING from the research –

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I followed some people on Pinterest who post photo about packaging design and branding. On Pinterest site, there are a lot of creative ideas which are beneficial for inspiration. I proudly recommend this website to everyone.



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Packaging has evolved to be so much more than simple wrapping for the goods and now enables companies to communicate directly with consumers through the use of distinctive designs, logos, graphics, images and colours. Business card, paper bag, packaging, store, etc. should have the same identity.


By learning from this, my group tried to create packaging that can present the advantage of gloves the most. The real product has arrived last 2 days so that we made the sample of packaging and then presented in front of classroom. Some good feedback from many people could help improve our packaging design in the coming future.



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