In order to reach our audience, advertising of TOUCH gloves is producing with the help of our friends who study in film.The video shoot at Fairfield Bus Station located around Kingston Town Centre.


The video shoot at Fairfield Bus Station located around Kingston Town Centre. The key message of advertising is to make people see the problem of not having our gloves in their daily life. The short story was demonstrated by one main actress, ‘Yoon’ our group member from Korea. In the winter, Yoon always faced the issues of forgetting Oyster Card and the difficulty of picking up Oyster Card while wearing normal gloves. Therefore, she usually missed the bus and go to work/study late. The worst case is missing some opportunities in her life.

The obstacle when shooting ads is the impermissible access to the London buses. We needed to deal with real bus driver. In the first day, bus driver and staffs are very kind to help and allow us to shoot in the bus which is stop at station during break time, while in another day of re-shooting video they just couldn’t give a permission to shoot video inside the bus. Finally, we decide to shoot the ground floor inside the bus in the real bus and second floor in the university bus (one of them is super lovely, funny and willing to help us).


The next step after shooting video is editing process. I studing Communication Arts in my undergraduate degree. I had experience of using professional editing programme to cut music video and short film before, but not advertising. By the way, I don’t think it’s going to be so hard for me to do this work. I belive I can do it and will try my best! 😉 Some feedback from Classmate and Corrine during film festival are beneficial for a final cut. To fix some of our part of advertising, our group decide to re-shoot again. We reduced the total time of video from approximately 1.20 mins to 0.59 second. In the end of ads, logo, picture of product, the detail of where people can buy and find out more information are presented.

ads cap1 nobw

ads cap2 nobw

Hope you enjoy our final version of TOUCH advertising



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