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Before 2-3 weeks of Dragons’ Den, our group had a good chance to talk and get some sugguestion from Corrine via the social platform, Skype. Due to the low number sales compared to all product that we produced (500 pairs of gloves), the issue that our company faces is to release products as much as possible before the end of winter season. From the plan of selling to individual changes to offer to corner shop or souvenir store around London. It’s not only strategy changed, but also the design of product and packaging. Corrine suggested us to put London or UK patches onto the gloves to make it more interesting to attract London traveller. They can be potential customer, who definitely use London transportation during travel time, and    They might keep our gloves as a souvenir gift as well. 


This is the new version of TOUCH gloves design. 

Screen Shot 2558-04-18 at 12.34.56 AM 


Nonetheless, the price of patches in souvenir shop is quite high at £2.5. That could affect to the cost of product per unit. If we really want to change target market, new price of gloves need to set up mainly considering to the cost of patches. However, we also believe that if product looks better and match customer’s demand, customers are willing to pay for a premium price.



New version of business card

Screen Shot 2558-04-18 at 12.55.40 AM





New version of packaging design

Screen Shot 2558-04-18 at 12.56.58 AM


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