Dragons’ Den

The final day of presentation to Dragons’ Den at the end of March was now over. Similar to other groups, our company also worked so hard to practice the way of presentation in order to impress and acknowledge 5 Dragons. We prepared our real TOUCH gloves in 2 designs: old and new version. Hopefully, the judges will understand easier with the physical things during presentation. The limitation of time is the hardest thing to control since it’s no more than 5 minutes. Our group has 6 people; consequently, it means that we need to arrange the speech around 50 second per person. The use of 3 slides which shows the photos of logo, trade fairs and potential customers were made.



Just keep going

The worst inevitable problem happened on the day of presentation. One of our group member could not participate presentation; thus, everyone had to change the plan of speaking. From storytelling to showing ads video in the beginning of presentation. Finally, we did not quite well. However, I was really proud of other groups. Three group, who were selected from a good team of presentation, had a chance to present in a final round in front of all dragons’s den, students and participants. As I expected, Fli team won this competition and they will go to Manchester in May. Congratuations to them!! They deserve the best and wish they luck for the future competition as well.

IMG_0593 IMG_0600


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